Are You On the Right Track for 2019?

Gary Keesee

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe we’re nearing the end of 2018?

It’s hard to believe. Time just seems to keep going faster and faster.

How was your 2018?

I know this can be a busy time of year, but take just a minute—right now as you’re reading—and really think about how things have been going in your life.

Are there changes you want (or need) to make in order to make 2019 a better year? What would need to change to make it your best year yet?

What would be on your list? What things—big or small—do you want to see change in your life in this next year?

If you had asked me many years ago what was on my list, it would’ve probably included nearly every area of my life.

Have you heard me share how:

  • Our boys were sleeping on mattresses that had been thrown out by a nursing home?
  • The carpet on one of our bedroom floors had been in someone else’s trash pile on the side of the road?
  • Our falling-apart 1800s farmhouse had weeds growing through the broken windowpanes?
  • When Drenda’s mom called and asked her to tell her what was in the refrigerator, her answer was “an empty mayonnaise jar”?

Many years ago, that was our life.

Drenda and I were believers, but we were really struggling. I’m not even sure “struggling” is the right word; we were barely surviving. I had a young family to feed, but for nine very long years money was nonexistent. We were in financial chaos. Not only did we owe on our falling-apart farmhouse and on two rusted-out, bent up, high mileage cars, but we also had ten maxed out credit cards, three finance company loans at interest rates of 28%, more than $13,000 owed in back taxes, more than $26,000 owed to relatives, and judgments and liens filed against us.

I was sick during those days too. I was miserable. I lived in stress. I was anxious and fearful. The doctors put me on medication to deal with the panic attacks I was having, but that only seemed to make things worse. Fear consumed my life.

And we were Christians!

In fact, I knew a lot about church and the Bible. I had gone to Bible college, and I was in church. In fact, I was leading worship in my church.

But I didn’t know much about the Kingdom of God.

Now, when I say “Kingdom,” I’m referring to the laws that govern the Kingdom; I’m referring to how it functions. See, every kingdom operates through government and using laws. God’s Kingdom is no different; its spiritual laws can be learned and applied to our lives.

But I had never learned those laws or even understood that I could learn them. I still thought, like most Christians do, that God does what He does because He is God, and no one can really be sure exactly what He’ll do or when He’ll do it.

I share often about how I finally reached the end of my rope one day, collapsed on my bed, and desperately cried out to God. That was the day God said, “Take the time to learn how my Kingdom operates.” And that was when everything changed.

In less than three years from that day, we went from financial ruin to being completely debt free. We started new businesses during that time that have only kept growing. We paid cash for our cars, cash for our 55 acres of land, and built our dream home. Our lives drastically changed.

Drenda and I can tell you story after story about the things we went through during those nine very long years. We can also tell you story after story of how our lives were completely transformed after we learned about the principles of the Kingdom of God and how to apply them.

That’s what we want for you in 2019—real change in the areas of your life that matter the most to you, so 2019 is your best year yet.

Everyone talks about goals and resolutions in January, but how about pausing and reflecting now, in December, on how things have been going in your life? How about making the decision now whether you should stay on the same course you’ve been on or change direction in 2019?

Because you don’t want to get a few months in to 2019 and realize you’re on the wrong track, or worse—lost.

I’ve shared before about a time I was hunting in the woods at night in Oklahoma. I was in a big area that was unfamiliar, but I thought I knew the way to go.

Notice that: I thought I knew the way to go.

I realized I didn’t when I passed the same tree stump three times. (You know the saying about going in circles? That was me.) Thankfully, a friend was in the woods waiting on me and, after I fired my rifle into the air and he fired his back, I was able to get my bearings and get out.

No one likes the feelings that come with not knowing exactly where you’re going—the uneasiness, the lack of confidence. That’s one reason we like our smartphones so much, right? They can give us a map, directions, tell us where traffic is heavy, or where there is road construction. The GPS function can keep us from wasting time, from going in circles.

God has the “GPS” for your life.

He wants to keep you focused on the right things, knowing who you really are, who He created you to be, and what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

He wants to give you the clarity you need and the directions for your career, your marriage, your health, your finances—you name it—in 2019.

Why don’t you pause now, in this season, and allow Him to give you His perspective on your life for the coming year?

Don’t wait or assume that you know which way to go. Let God set your course for 2019, so you can be effective and stay on track. Let Him set your GPS.

Sure, you can keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and having the same results. And, maybe, that will work for you in some areas of your life. But what about where it isn’t working?

Because life is too short to keep going in circles, wasting time, and settling for less than what God has for you. He made you after all. He knows everything about you, and He can correct your steps and turn you in the right direction much better than you can on your own.

As a friend of this ministry, we want to see your life on the right course—the one God has designed for you.

So, before you press on into your new year, take some time to refocus and allow God to set your GPS. Get the plan from Him. Get His perspective. Allow Him to give you your track, and I guarantee it will be the right one.


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