Are You Overlooking This Key to the Good Life God Has for You?

, Are You Overlooking This Key to the Good Life God Has for You?

He got the account…and the $40,000 a year increase in commissions that the account brought in.

Are you looking around you for the unique strategies and the opportunities that others overlook?

They’re the key to your next victory—to the good life God has for you.

But let’s backtrack just a minute.

Because in order to understand how to work together with God to capture wealth and change your life, you must understand where money is and who legally controls it.

It’s probably going to come as a shock to many Christians, but…God doesn’t have any money.

See, if you look at any piece of money, you’ll find an earthly kingdom stamped on it—the nation or government that printed it—it wasn’t produced in God’s Kingdom. Yet, so many Christians think that God is going to somehow bring them money. and they just wait for that to happen.

For a very, very, very…(I won’t keep going.)

Another thing working against believers is Satan’s claim on the money in the earth realm as recorded in Luke 4:6.

And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.

So, the only way, then, that God can get money to you is to help you capture it.

You don’t look for wealth; you create wealth in the marketplace with concepts, ideas, and strategies.

As you begin to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, you’ll find that He leads you by providing you with unique strategies and solutions to problems that are all around you.

In its most basic definition, business is simply providing answers to problems or answering the needs of people. So, look in the mirror and recognize that you are someone’s solution!

By recognizing His unique strategies and finding solutions to life’s problems, you’ll be postured for promotion or propelled to new places of responsibility. But this repositioning will likely require change on your part.

This might mean that you’ll find yourself thrust into a tense situation like David was when he showed up and found Goliath ranting and raving. But this negative-pressured situation was actually an opportunity for David to use a unique strategy and be the solution to a big (pardon the pun) problem.

By taking control over that problem, David was forever changed, and promoted!

The same will be true in your case. Understand that pressure and problems are normal.

Knowing God is with you and actually training yourself to LOOK for the unique strategies and the opportunities that others overlook will be a key to your next victory.

Curtis is a perfect example.

Curtis had just started a new job on a sales route for growing company. As they were on the route, they were discussing the different clients the company serviced.

Curtis was surprised to hear that the biggest company in town that would need their product wasn’t a client. When he asked the trainer, he told Curtis that no one could touch that account—their competitor had it, and they had a long history. But the trainer also admitted that he hadn’t ever tried to get the account.

Curtis didn’t even blink. He told the trainer to drive over to the company immediately.

The trainer rolled his eyes at Curtis’s ambition, but drove over to the company’s location anyway.

The director of the company just happened to be onsite that day, and Curtis was able to talk to him about their products. The man said he was open to getting a bid from Curtis and, to make a long story short, Curtis got the account…and the $40,000 a year increase in commissions that the account brought in.

Take action friend. Pay attention to the problems you encounter today. Do others have the same problem you have seen? Can you see a solution—a unique strategy—to any of them?

That strategy just may be the key to your future!


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