7 Things You Need to Know to Start a Business

March 22nd, 2017

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Someone recently asked me this question:

What would you say to someone that has a desire to start a business but doesn’t know where to start?

First, God made all of us unique and with different passions. If you really break it down, business is about solving problems and serving people.

The advantage of owning your own business is that you control more of your time, you control more of your investment, you reap more of the profit from the time you spend, and you control the potential of the business. Granted, it does require that you learn a lot of new things.

So, if you came to me saying you wanted to start a business, I would ask you several questions.

1) What passions has God put inside of you?
2) What do you naturally lean toward doing?
3) What problems do you want to fix when you see them?

Everyone sees problems, but we don’t see the same problems. Someone who is administrative can walk into an office and notice that the pictures are crooked on the wall, the desk is dirty, and there are dents and chips in the wall that need to be fixed. Meanwhile, everyone else could walk in the same office with the same issues and not see them. We don’t all see the same things. God gave us each unique passions to help direct us to our purposes and destinies.

What you see is part of the mystery of what you are created to fix. Everyone has something that pulls on them that they want to fix. That’s where our passion and zeal lies, and you must know that because it will take passion to be successful in life. You have to have passion to push through obstacles and overcome any lack of knowledge and experience.

Once you’ve answered those three questions, I would have you start getting down to the details:

4) What do you want to fix?
5) How are you going to fix it?
6) What will it cost?
7) How will you make money doing that?

Those details, and others, are what make up a business plan. That’s your next step—create a business plan. A business plan helps evaluate the product and services, the costs, and the procedures and processes required to produce the product. It also helps to evaluate the cost of everything that is not directly associated with the product, like insurance, the costs of developing prototypes, etc.

Now, typically in business you should start small. Unless you are buying a business with an established footprint or process, you should start small. If you want to build a hamburger chain, for example, start by simply making hamburgers. Don’t have ten or twenty items on the menu. Find your niche and build a business plan around it. Launch it on a small scale. Then fine-tune it. Correct your errors and improve your processes before you invest a large amount of money to really take it public.

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