Are You REALLY Ready? Part Two

July 4th, 2018

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Last week, I shared how God takes the time necessary to make sure that you’re ready to occupy the place that He is sending you. He wants to make sure that when you reach that intersection of time, location, and purpose in your life that you’ll stick a flag in the ground and claim it as His territory in the name of Jesus. You can read more about that here.

Look at Luke 16. It’s the parable of the shrewd manager. This story is vital. It’s about chores and about promotion. See, this manager didn’t do his job. But when he found out he was losing his job, he suddenly found a way to take care of things.

He failed the test. He wasn’t working to help his master. He only worked when it helped him. That right there is why many Christians never reach their potentials and their destinies. God can’t trust them with them.

See, Christians get all excited about the anointing, but the anointing isn’t what takes you to your destiny.

God trains you every day.

You prove you’re ready to occupy your destiny by how you handle the affairs of life. Your trustworthiness over the little things, and the big things, is what moves you forward.

Have you ever gone into a fast food restaurant just before closing? If you haven't, you should; it's a wonderful experience. You walk in the place and you’d swear they'd closed a few hours before. If you're lucky, they might even have the chairs up on the tables already.

I went in one once and the employees who were still there actually argued in front of me over who was going to wait on me, and not because they all wanted to, but because none of them did.

Here’s the thing: in the minds of the people working there, that job didn't mean anything. It was a temporary job on the way to whatever they saw as their destinies. That’s where they failed the test. They thought they'd reach their destinies by some ability or some talent, but in the world of the Spirit, God is the one that promotes. And, whether or not you get promoted isn’t about the anointing. It’s about being on time, being loyal, and doing what you said you would do.

God promoted David to King. David had been on the hillside risking his life to save sheep, but he loved God and his family and he had been faithful and loyal with what was entrusted to him. Joseph was in prison 13 years. He was faithful and he had success. He viewed every assignment as worthy to do his best at. That's why he was promoted to second in command.

After I had a vision that I would start preaching, God didn’t tell me to start preaching right away. He told me to go to college. I had to get qualified to handle what God wanted to entrust to me. So I went to school.

I didn’t start preaching after college either. God told me to go sell life insurance. Now, I was a shy kid, so that was hard. But God knew I had to change on the inside. Twenty-one years later, I preached my first service. It looked exactly like it looked 21 years before in my vision. Yes, I know it probably didn’t have to take that long, but I also know I wasn’t ready.

There are no shortcuts with God.

You can’t fool Him. Your character has to be developed enough to be ready to do what you’re called to do. God is a rewarder. He knows your heart. He’s got to know—and you’ve got to know—that you can handle the responsibility there. He’s going to find out if you can handle it there by watching what you’re doing here and now.

So, serve your employer wholeheartedly as if you were serving God. Don’t complain or murmur. Prove that you can handle what is entrusted to you. Ask yourself, "How can I help this place profit?" Make yourself so valuable that they can’t handle the thought of you ever leaving. Be faithful where you are and watch—God will show you just where you fit.

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