Facing a Need? Not Sure What to Do? You Need to Know What Jesus Did — Part Two

Part Two

June 7th, 2017

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Last week, I talked about how, to fix the money thing in your life, you need to understand how the laws of God’s Kingdom function and the progressive steps associated with those laws.

There are some basics that you can begin to apply in your finances, but I encourage you to search the Bible for yourself.

Read Part One, steps 1-3 here.

4. Act quickly.
When you receive direction from the Holy Spirit, don’t just sit and think about it. Get up and do it. Don’t procrastinate. Because once the plan is revealed to you, the enemy can also see it.

In Matthew 17, Peter asked Jesus about paying taxes. Jesus told Peter to, “Go catch a fish, and in its mouth, you’ll find a gold coin.” The Kingdom of God met Peter’s need. But what would’ve happened if Peter had waited awhile to go catch the fish. What if he had waited a month? What would’ve happened to the gold coin?

It would be gone.

Why did Jesus tell Peter to catch a fish with a gold coin in its mouth? Why didn’t He tell Peter to go down the street and get a coin off the road, or someplace more obvious?

Because the gold coin was hidden from Peter, for Peter.

The gold coin was hidden from the enemies of God for Peter’s benefit. The Holy Spirit revealed it in the moment of need.

That’s why, many times, God doesn’t give you the entire picture of your answer until the very moment of harvest, because you may begin to say too much about it and the enemy can pick up on it and bring interference.

5. Gather the fragments.
God will point out the things that are typically overlooked. When the disciples fed all of the people on the hillside that day, the Bible says they were all satisfied. Then Jesus said, “Go pick up the fragments, less anything be wasted.” And they picked up 12 basketfuls of pieces.

Feeding the 20,000 was quite a feat, but that wasn’t all Jesus wanted to see happen. God doesn’t want us to just have our needs met. He also wants us to walk in overflow. We’re here to help others and demonstrate His Kingdom to those who are in need. This requires abundance.

Abundance comes in the form of fragments.

In a sense, the coin that Peter caught was a fragment. Someone had lost it. The fragments on the hillside, after Jesus fed the 20,000 people, were leftovers. The people didn’t really think they had value. But by gathering the fragments, they had 12 baskets full.

A multiplied overflow comes about by direction of the Holy Spirit through finding small pieces that are typically overlooked.

Winning in life financially not only requires and understanding of spiritual laws and the Kingdom of God, but also an understanding the natural laws and obtaining wisdom in the affairs of life. My life was drastically changed when I began applying the principles of the Kingdom of God to my situation.

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