It's Time for You to Accelerate

June 13th, 2018

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I drove a car off a cliff.

And not just any car—I drove a Ferrari off a cliff.

Have you lost your mind, Gary? This is no way to open a post!

I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

After I drove the Ferrari off the cliff, unbuckled my seat belt, and jumped out, I…

Well, you really just need to see the video. Yes, there’s a video. Our team created this awesome video for this year’s Provision Conference, and you need to see it.

Because it’s really about YOUR life…

It’s about ignoring the roadblocks the enemy puts in your path.

It’s about God making a way when it looks like there’s no way.

It’s about not slowing down or stopping, but pushing the accelerator.

Friend, you have something the world needs—something specific God designed you to do.

Whether you realize it or not, you have incredible potential. God has called you to do something great. He has given you gifts and talents that the world needs. He has a dream and a plan for your life.

You have a purpose and an assignment, and it’s time for you to ACCELERATE into the life God has for you. It’s time for you to double your speed, double your vision, and double your focus.

It’s time for you to have God’s double portion for your life and to make an impact for His Kingdom.

As an important friend of this ministry, we want to help you.

We want to help you change your mind-set—your thinking—to one of opportunity and acceleration. We want to help you jump-start your future.

You can go to the next level.

You don’t have to keep doing things the hard way, the small way, or the slow way.

Of course, God’s system isn’t instantaneous. Success in the Kingdom of God happens one small decision at a time. You have to walk it out, get the training you need, and pass some tests. We all do.

God will train you and raise you up with the capacity to handle the specific assignment He has for you, and He’ll also line up people to help you along the way.

That’s where the 2018 Provision Conference comes in.

God brought together an incredible team of people at the 2018 Provision Conference—a team of people whose mission is to coach YOU to your next level and to help you accomplish your assignment.

You need the life-changing messages from the 2018 Provision Conference.

You need to hear for yourself everything that was taught at the conference about the principles of the Kingdom of God, doing things God’s way, sticking to your assignment, and so much more.

We know these mentorship messages will inspire you and allow God to cast vision for your life. We believe they’ll help you recognize the ideas God has been downloading for you and how to walk them out; and they’ll help you discover your potential and hone in on exactly what your “something specific” might be.

Even if you were there, you should get your copy, so you can listen to these messages again and again!

“But isn’t Provision your ‘entrepreneurs’ conference, Gary? I’m not an entrepreneur.”

It’s true that the Provision Conference does draw a lot of entrepreneurs, but it’s really about business—specifically, the business of making money to fund the Kingdom of God.

And whether you recognize it right now or not, YOU have the power to produce something, make something, or do something to capture money, change your life, and further the Kingdom of God just as much as any other entrepreneur.

You just need mentoring and coaching.

And that's what the Provision Conference is all about. And this isn’t just your day-to-day mentoring and coaching. No, we specifically line up the best of the best—leaders in the faith and prominent leaders in their industries, leaders with amazing stories who are doing extraordinary things—to help you accomplish your God-designed assignment.

This year, we lined up two of the best keynote speakers: Dave Hodgson and Dr. Dean Radtke.

Dave has an amazing story you absolutely have to hear for yourself. He grew up in Africa during the turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s, was conscripted into the Rhodesian Army, and joined the Secret Air Service. Later, he joined the highly secretive Selous Scouts, and then fought as a mercenary.

Eventually, he immigrated to Australia, where he came to know Jesus during an amazing encounter at a Reinhard Bonnke crusade.

Dave is the Founder and Managing Director of the Paladin Corporation, which owns more than $850 million worth of business acquisitions. He also founded Kingdom Investors, a marketplace ministry, which has spread around Australia and overseas.

Dave’s two sessions hit hard as he shared the critical Kingdom principles he’s learned over the years that have taken his companies from “below zero” to being worth more than $100 million and influencing the culture.

I love how Dave uses the term “spiritual logic,” and his personal story left me shaking my head in disbelief, but what impacted me the most in his sessions was the remarkable story he shared about how God worked through a dire financial situation. That story alone makes the whole Provision Conference teachings worth getting!

Dr. Dean Radtke is the Founder and CEO of The Institute of Ministry Management & Leadership, and has more than 35 years of senior corporate and ministry leadership and management experience. Having worked directly for Admiral John S. McCain, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; James E. Preston, Chairman, Avon Products, Inc.; Les Wexner, Chairman, The Limited, Inc.; multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 companies; and as Executive Director for Pastor Rod Parsley, Breakthrough Television, and World Harvest Church, Dr. Radtke is in great demand as a professional and personal performance coach.

We’ve had the privilege of knowing Dean for many years now. Dean is an incredible coach and mentor, especially for leaders and pastors who are on the brink of quitting and are in desperate need of hope. I should know; I was one of them.

Dean and his systems completely changed our lives years ago when we found ourselves needing better processes in place to help us more effectively lead our growing ministry and an infusion of hope that things could eventually get better. It was a great honor to have him at the Provision Conference both to encourage everyone there and to share his tremendous knowledge on business, management, and leadership in his two main sessions and in his workshops.

Both Dave and Dean packed so much knowledge on provision and going to the next level in their sessions—you MUST hear them for yourself!

In addition to the four main sessions with Dave Hodgson and Dr. Dean Radtke, Drenda also shared a powerful main session message about the tactics the enemy uses to get you off of your God-designed mission. You need to see the footage she shared from when she allowed our granddaughter Ivory to apply her makeup and hear what happened afterwards. It’s a hilarious peek into our life as grandparents.

I also led two critically important main sessions about God’s Sabbath Rest and the double portion. You absolutely need to hear Arthur’s story at the end of my first session. It’s an undeniably encouraging story of how God restores above and beyond what the enemy steals! And you don’t want to miss the six reasons why people never discover or tap into the double portion that I shared during my second main session, because I don’t want that to be you!

You need a copy. Really. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you get your own copy of the 2018 Provision Conference main sessions and workshops.

I promise you these teachings will help you change your life, reach further, be stronger, move faster, and accelerate into the future God has for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Get your copy of the 2018 Provision Conference on USB, DVD, or CD!

· The Complete 2018 Provision Conference Package on a USB Drive (audio and video of all seven main sessions, PLUS audio of all 10 workshops). Don't miss the video of me driving the Ferrari off the cliff, as well as Drenda’s hilarious video!

· 7-DVD set of the 2018 Provision Main Sessions
Don't miss the video of me driving the Ferrari off the cliff, as well as Drenda’s hilarious video!

· 7-CD set of the 2018 Provision Main Sessions (audio only)

Say yes to ALL God has for you! Take advantage of this offer; get the answers you need; and get ready to accelerate to your next level with God!

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