3 Practical Tips to Take You in the Right Direction Financially

April 5th, 2017

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Tip #1—Figure Out Where Your Money is Going
Look at the last three to six months and analyze what you’ve actually spent. The goal here is to find out how you’re really living. Use online bank records or past receipts to help produce a detailed report. If you’re unsure as to the amount you’ve spent on each item, just make a detailed list of your current expenses with estimated amounts.

Keep in mind that you’re not trying to impress anyone here. You need the facts. You must have a clear picture of reality and understand exactly where you are in your monthly cash flow before you can move forward.

Tip #2—Create a Balanced Budget
I’ve found that 99% of the families I’ve helped don’t have a written budget. Credit cards have made it easy to disregard this important tool of the past. If the budget is tight, the credit card makes up the difference for most families.

Your first step toward a balanced budget will be to reduce your expenses. Look at your analysis from Tip #1, and look for all of the nonessential expenses. Nonessential expenses are primarily expenses that you incur on a monthly basis that you could drop or do differently. This would include things like salon and nail services, cell phone usage, golfing or hobbies, monthly services that you use, eating out, and entertainment. These are recurring expenses for things you can live without that are not a set monthly payment.

For now, focus on the small ways you can find money in how you live. You’ll be surprised how much is there.

Be prepared for the I-feel-sorry-for-myself attitudes that may surface when you are faced with changing your lifestyle. When it comes to ridding your life of bondage, the devil always makes you feel like you’re going backwards. During this time, focus on the reward at the end of this journey rather than the self-pity you may be feeling now.

Tip #3—Find Hidden Money
Walk through your house (especially the garage and basement) and record every item on a sheet of paper that you’re not using or could live without. The goal of this is to sell those items to help create a cash reserve of at least $2,000. This amount would be enough to take care of most major expenses like tires, a furnace or car repair, or small home maintenance.

Remind yourself that you’ll still be able to buy that item or be able to purchase something even better down the road. Right now, making 2017 your best year yet is your most important goal.

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