What You Need to Know About Allegiance - Part Two

Part Two

April 26th, 2017

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Potiphar’s stuff, his estate, and property all changed kingdoms!

Until it came under Joseph’s care, Potiphar’s property was still tied legally to the earth curse system. When Potiphar placed his estate under the jurisdiction of Joseph’s authority, he didn’t realize he was also placing it under the influence of the blessing of God.

The Bible goes on to say that with Joseph in charge, Potiphar did not have to concern himself or worry about anything except the food he ate. He had no worries! With no worries, Potiphar only had to focus on his assignment and purpose as a captain in the Egyptian guard.

There is a lot here to see, but what Potiphar experienced, without knowing it, was what Hebrews 4 calls the Sabbath rest, and it’s available to you as a believer.

If you study the Sabbath, you will find that God didn’t allow the Israelites to do any work on that day; no sweating or painful toil took place. The Sabbath, of course, was the seventh day of the week, and it corresponded to the seventh day of creation. You might remember that the seventh day of creation was the day God declared as a day of rest. It wasn’t because God was tired; it was because He was finished. Everything was complete.

The seventh day was the day in which man was originally designed to live.

A day with no worries.

A day with everything we needed already in place before we needed it.

But of course, we know that Adam lost that rest when he rebelled against God. By rebelling against God, Adam cut off God’s ability to provide for him. He lost the place of provision God had previously supplied. Adam was forced to provide for himself, spending all his time working just to survive.

But God didn’t leave man without hope. He gave man a picture of the rest that He would someday restore—the Sabbath day.

When Potiphar tapped into the blessing of the Lord that Joseph carried through that covenant, he tapped into God’s ability to provide through Joseph and found rest. Everything was taken care of; he had no worries.

So he left in Joseph’s care everything he had; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. —Genesis 39:6

But how was the Sabbath day possible when, under the earth curse system, man would toil and sweat every day just to survive?

The Sabbath was made possible only because God blessed the sixth day with a double portion, or more than enough. Let that phrase roll around in your mind a bit.

More than enough.

Isn’t that what every man and woman is longing for, more than enough? When God gave man a double portion on the sixth day, He was reminding man that He was their provider, and He always provided more than enough.

More than enough provides freedom from the rat race.

More than enough takes you from slavery to having options.

More than enough frees you to find and prosper in your purpose and passion.

This is what Potiphar enjoyed. No worries. Every need he had was taken care of. The only thing he had to focus on was his purpose. Again, as Drenda and I have said, “Until you fix the money thing, you will never be able to find your purpose.” But there is great news! The Sabbath rest is still available today, and it offers a place where your needs are met and you can prosper past survival.

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