You Have a Dream. Now What? You Need to Know How to Raise It.

July 12th, 2017

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Last week, I talked about how you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, no matter how hopeless or dead they might look.

You should go read that here.

So, what do you do once your dream has been revived, once you’ve put your confidence in God and believe your dream can be birthed as you believe His Word and His promises?

Once the promise has been conceived, there’s a period of time called gestation. During gestation in the natural, we don’t know how the baby is forming. A woman may know she’s pregnant, but she can’t see the baby until it’s been birthed. In the same way, you continue to stand on the promise even though you may have no clue how it’s forming.

Soon, a mother in the natural will begin to feel the flutter of movement and then the full-on kicks and rolls of the baby, who is growing and preparing for birth. Things may get uncomfortable for the mother as her body shifts and grows for the baby growing inside her.

The growth of the promise is no different. Things may begin to shift. You may get pretty uncomfortable. As you hold to the promise, the Word of God may begin to change your thoughts, realign your priorities, and have you thinking thoughts that are much bigger than yourself. It can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

Then, when it’s time—when the baby is ready for birth—he or she is birthed into the natural realm. This whole process is powered and produced by the Spirit of God.

Remember, Isaac was conceived as a result of the promise but was born by the power of the Spirit. Just like a mother must continue to nurture the baby in her womb, you must continue to incubate the promise until, suddenly, the picture is clear, and you begin to see how the promise has been formed and all of the details. Then, the power of God moves in the situation; He brings the details, reveals the plan, and brings the baby into reality.

But your responsibility doesn’t end there.

After you’ve conceived, incubated, and birthed the promise by the power of the Spirit, you have to raise it unto the glory of God.

When Drenda and I were broke, we began to believe what God said. We made a decision that we would believe what the Kingdom says about us and not what our circumstances said. Regardless of our past failures, if God said it, we would believe it. We began to apply ourselves to understanding, and we received the promise.

Things began to change on the inside of me.

I had a dream from the Holy Spirit about starting a business I didn’t know how to run, but I saw it clearly in my spirit, so I began to incubate it. I started researching it. The idea that was rolling around on the inside of me kept growing bigger and bigger, and the pieces of the puzzle—the form—began to take shape.

We launched the business. But the birth is never the end of the promise.

God sees the promise as it will be when it’s finished, or matured.

But we have work to do to get it there.

God knew the business would, eventually, be the answer to our problem, and it would supply all of the finances that we needed to carry out what we were to do. But the birth is always just one part of the process. I still had a lot to learn. Like parents have to raise a baby, I had to raise the business.

It was frustrating to say the least. We had to learn a lot. I had never raised a dream—an Isaac—before. I had to remind myself often, “God said. He said this was the answer. God said.”

We had to hold to the promise because there were plenty of times, when we waded out in that deep water, that everything in us was like, “This is scary!” But when the checks started coming in, we saw the promise as it was maturing, and it worked out well.

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