The Pomeranian: You Need to Read This One and Really Get It

October 18th, 2017

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If you and I were sitting down having lunch together right now and I asked you what you’re believing God for, what would you say?

Would you have to think about it? Or could you rattle off a list pretty quickly?

Would you tell me you have pictures of the things you’re in faith for on your refrigerator at home, on a bulletin board in your office, or on a wall in your bedroom?

When my youngest daughter Kirsten was twelve years old, she wanted a puppy. One day, I walked into the room Kirsten shared with her sister and there was a picture of a Pomeranian puppy hanging on the wall above Kirsten’s bed.

If you’re a parent, you know that a picture on the wall means that it’s only a matter of time before you’re asked to get that thing.

But we already had one dog, and I told Kirsten that we absolutely weren’t getting another one. I was adamant. I even told her that when she thought she needed to pet a puppy, she could get her fix by petting our other dog. You see what’s coming, don’t you?

But Kirsten is my “ministry” kid—she was born after Drenda and I were already in the ministry. The principles and the promises of the Kingdom of God are all she’s ever known. She had the advantage, whether I realized it or not.

And Drenda wasn’t helping. For some reason, for Christmas that year, Drenda got Kirsten a stuffed toy Pomeranian puppy. That little thing just propelled Kirsten’s faith.

One Sunday after church, we got home and Kirsten said, “Daddy, I received my Pomeranian puppy by faith just like you teach.”

Oh boy.

Of course, that's when I reminded her that I was the spiritual authority in our house and that I had already told her no.

She didn’t even flinch. She said, “But Daddy, Momma says God can change the heart of a king.”

A month later, I was preaching out of town in this little country church, and the pastor says, “This is really strange, Gary, but I really feel like the Holy Spirit is telling me to do something. I don’t know if you know this, but I raise Pomeranian dogs on the side, and I have a six-week old puppy that the Lord told me to give you.”

You've got to be kidding me.

I admit it. As obvious as that was, I still tried to fight it. But I couldn’t stop my daughter’s faith for that puppy.

We took that puppy home, and that little dog and I became good friends.

So, how did that Pomeranian show up? That was the only time in my entire life that a dog was given to me, let alone a Pomeranian! How did that happen?

The same Kingdom principles that brought that Pomeranian puppy have healed people’s bodies, fixed people’s financial situations, saved people’s marriages, and much, much more.

YOU have to understand how those things happened, so you can replicate them in your own life.

The principles of the Kingdom of God work for everyone.
They WILL work for you, too.
You CAN prosper and win in life. You just have to know how to tap into the principles.

Why do you need faith? How do you release faith? How does a Pomeranian puppy actually show up?
I want to help you learn what I learned. That’s why I’ve just recorded my book, Faith Hunt, on audio.

Faith Hunt IS FOR EVERYONE. It will teach you how to apply the principles of Kingdom faith to ANY area of YOUR life.

Just as my life was completely changed by the Kingdom, yours can be, too!

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