Don’t Miss Out on the Life You Could Have. Do Something.

, Don’t Miss Out on the Life You Could Have. Do Something.

Play it safe.

Don’t take the risk.

Stay in that job you don’t really like. Keep sitting on your couch, or in your recliner, watching TV instead of learning that new skill, taking on that project, or getting some exercise.

And, absolutely, do not look into that opportunity or even think about that one idea you had that one time that could change someone’s life, or the whole world.

By all means, stay comfortable.


You’re not really buying this, are you?

Because you have to know you weren’t created to live that way.

You weren’t created to be satisfied with mediocrity. You weren’t created to see Friday nights as your goal. You shouldn’t look forward to stopping. If you are, you’re missing out on the life God has for you.

Ephesians 2:10 says you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do.

Do you see that? It doesn’t say you were created in Christ Jesus to get somewhere in life and just stop. It says you were created to DO.

“Do” is defined as performing an action, to carry out, execute, accomplish, achieve … I can keep going.

You were created to DO something.

Ever heard of Joe Coulombe?

Joe was working a job that had him testing the possible success of some new convenience stores in southern California. He could’ve just gotten comfortable and opened the stores to compete with 7-11. You know, stopped. But he didn’t.

Joe had an idea: that people might want something better. So, he opened a tropical-themed market in Pasadena. And that’s how Trader Joe’s got started. Joe led the chain to success and sold it off to a German billionaire years later.

Ever heard of Phil Robertson?

Phil had the opportunity to play professional football. He stopped playing football, but he didn’t get comfortable. Instead, he took his passion for duck hunting and turned it into profit when he invented a duck call and started his Duck Commander company. You may have heard of his family.

I know you’ve heard of Walt Disney. But did you know he was fired from a newspaper for “not being creative enough”? What if he had stopped then? Did you know he was rejected more than 300 times by bankers who thought his ideas for Mickey Mouse were ridiculous? What if he had just settled for mediocrity then?

Or when he faced more criticism when he had the idea of making his first feature-length film, Snow White?

Here’s what I want you to get from all of that: there are opportunities all around you.

Have you stopped?

Have you stopped dreaming? Have you stopped pursuing your God-inspired ideas?

Or maybe you feel like you don’t have any ideas.

The good news is that there are ideas around you all the time. And it just takes one God-inspired idea to completely change your life. There are things for you to do, ways for you to make an impact, ways for you to make things better for people around you, and maybe even the world. So, if you’ve been trying to stop—to find a place to get comfortable and escape the pressures, get busy.

There are people out there who need you, and God has equipped you to do good works.

Start paying attention. Listen and look for God-inspired ideas and opportunities all around you. And take action!

God has destined you for great things, but it depends on you.

Do something.

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