Pastor, we do not charge for what we do for the families in your church.  We also do not request a love offering or an honorarium to come.  When we launched our program, we wanted to develop a system where families could receive a personalized get out of debt plan at no cost.  Why?  We did not feel it was appropriate to charge for a plan that can help that family experience financial freedom.  So, we designed a referral model.  To avoid the client paying for a plan, our company received a referral fee for the clients we sent to vendors we have researched and approved.  We figured that companies want new clients and would be willing to pay for them, and we found out that we were right.  Our clients can use the vendors and prices we have researched or use whomever they would like, there is no pressure to use any vendors we have found.  Our job is just to show people the options and let them know what is possible, and for over thirty years- people have loved it!

We are able to fit anywhere in your church life, such as a Saturday morning, a Wednesday night, or a weekend service.  We have two formats.  One is to do our streamlined Fixing The Money Thing Event, which is just one session lasting around 30 minutes followed up with 2 individual meetings with one of our money coaches for each family that has interest.  In our first meeting we meet the family and gather financial information. In the second meeting we present our plan showing them the money we found and how long it would take to be debt free.

The second format is our Financial Revolution Conference which is typically 2 to 4 sessions long.  This conference focuses on the spiritual principles of the Word of God and has tremendous impact. This conference can be done in two week night services containing two 45-minute sessions.  Typically, the following Sunday morning we would like to reserve 10 minutes at the end of your normal Sunday morning service(s) to discuss how we help people get out of debt. 

As you can see our conferences will tremendously impact the finances of not just the families in your church, but also the church finances as well.  I am confident that this event will play a critical role in helping you reach your financial goals as a church in the near future. 

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