Thank you for your interest in allowing us to conduct either a Financial Revolution Conference or a Fixing the Money Thing Event in your church!

The Financial Revolution Conferences and Fixing the Money Thing Events are designed to have a maximum positive impact
on your people and for your vision as we help you reach your financial goals as a church.

We look forward to speaking with you about your customized event.

How we help

We help families and individuals receive the financial training they need and develop a personalized Get-Out-of-Debt Plan at no cost to them.

We help our clients find money
. First, we look at where and how they’re spending their money. Then, we compare those costs to other companies and vendors that may be able to do the same thing at a better price, freeing up money for our client.

We give our clients options.
 If our client chooses to take advantage of any of our suggestions, we negotiate referrals with the companies.

No Cost to You

We don’t charge anything for how we help the families or individuals in your church. We cover our own travel and hotel expenses.

If we conduct a Financial Revolution Conference, our only ask is for an honorarium, or offering, to our ministry. If we conduct a Fixing the Money Thing Event, we do not ask for an honorarium or an offering.

On Your Schedule

Financial Revolution Conferences and Fixing the Money Thing Events are completely customizable to YOU and your church life
What schedule is best for you and your people? You tell us. That’s the one we’ll do.

Which Format Should You Choose?

The Practical

Our Fixing the Money Thing Event is a streamlined one-session event. The Event itself lasts around 30 minutes. Our money coaches then follow up with interested families or individuals at least twice—first to meet and gather financial information, then to present their personalized Get-Out-of-Debt Plan showing them the money we found and how quickly they be financially free.

The spiritual

Our Financial Revolution Conference is typically two to seven sessions long depending on your preference as pastor.

This conference focuses on the spiritual principles from the Word of God and has a tremendous impact on the church. Again, this conference is completely customizable to you and your church life.


You don’t have to choose one or the other! Both the Financial Revolution Conference and Fixing the Money Thing Event can also be combined to best meet your needs. You tell us!

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