Looking for a Great Return? You Need to Know This Principle

Gary Keesee

The principle of partnership in the Kingdom of God is really powerful, but many people don’t understand it, let alone use it to their advantage.
In fact, many people confuse partnership with giving to the poor.

The Bible does say that if we give to the poor, we are lending to God and He will repay us (Proverbs 19:17), but giving to the poor—or meeting a need—is a different principle than the partnership principle.

When you give to meet someone’s need or to help someone, you’re partnering with God and reaching out to that person in love and helping them, but you’re not partnering in their vision.

When you give this way, you’re usually moved by compassion or by God speaking to you to help fill a need. This type of giving is based on your own developed faith.

When you partner with a ministry, though, you’re partnering with their vision and their faith and, as a result, there is an increase in the grace of God. This is because your faith works together toward a certain result. But in order for this partnership to have a positive impact in your life, you want to be sure to partner with someone who has faith, who knows how faith operates, and who has demonstrated good results.

*If you’re looking for a great return, the ground where you sow is just as important as the seed you sow.

I get letters all the time from people who are so excited about the Kingdom and want to begin sowing and giving in partnership. But in the same letter, they tell me they don’t like their church because it’s a dead place where the people are against faith, against the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, against prospering, against healing…(the list goes on!), but they’re going to sow their seed there, believing for a return.

In many cases, a return does come because of their own faith, but there’s a difference in return when you partner with someone who’s on the same page, knows how faith works, agrees with you, and expects the manifestation.

That’s the type of ministry you want to partner with.

Because when you partner with a ministry, you’re partnering with their grace—the anointing on their assignment—and that is a powerful combination.

You can and should sow to those in need around you. But when you want to sow for specific financial increase, you need to partner with someone who has demonstrated faith and financial integrity.

God calls each of us to support and partner with different people and different ministries. Before you sow for increase, just be sure you’re sowing into good ground. This brings the overflow so that you’ll have the ability to be generous to the poor.

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Portions of this article have been excerpted from Gary’s book Money Mysteries from the Master.

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