Want to Make the Most of the Rest of Your 2019?

, Want to Make the Most of the Rest of Your 2019?

Imagine you’re driving down a two-lane highway lined with trees (go ahead and pick your choice of trees—evergreens, palm trees, oaks, or whatever makes you happy).

There are three passengers in the car with you that you only know as acquaintances.

You don’t know how well these three people drive, so you’ve decided you’ll probably be the only driver on your little road trip. You have a pretty good idea of where you’re going anyway, so it’s no big deal.

You’re cruising along at about 55 miles per hour when you notice that the road has started to get a little curvy, and the trees are closer to the edges, so you focus a little more on your driving and less on the conversation happening in the car.

All of a sudden, your acquaintance who was sitting in the seat behind you LEANS OVER THE TOP OF YOU AND GRABS THE WHEEL, TRYING TO DRIVE THE CAR!

What in the world?!

What would YOU do in that instant?

Would you just let go of the wheel and let him drive?

Of course not!

But, friend, that might be exactly what you’re doing right now with YOUR LIFE.

No, this letter isn’t about letting Jesus take the wheel.

This is about what, or who, you might be allowing to drive your life and your future.

Have You Really Been Driving Your Life?

Because your life is just like that car traveling down the road. You should be the one driving it. But there are hundreds of things that you might be handing the wheel of your life over to without even realizing it, and those other “drivers” are likely either driving you to a place in life that you never intended to go or parking you somewhere you never intended to stop!

Think about it, friend. It’s nearly the end of August. We’re well over halfway through 2019 now. How’s the year gone for you so far?

Have you really been driving your life this year, or have you let something else, or someone else, take the wheel? 

I’ve been there. We’ve been there.

You may know some of our story, but years ago, Drenda and I were in financial chaos. Not only did we owe on our falling-apart farmhouse and our two rusted-out, bent up high mileage cars, but we also owed back taxes and more than $26,000 to relatives. We had finance company loans at interest rates of 28%, 10 maxed out credit cards, and judgments and liens against us.

Our financial situation had grabbed the wheel of our lives and was driving us somewhere we didn’t want to go. This went on for nine long years!

Oh, and I can’t forget sickness, stress, anxiety, and fear. They were all passengers in our car, too, and took regular turns grabbing the wheel and driving our lives.

And, yes, we were believers. We went to a church that taught us God loves us and that He has great things planned for our lives, but we weren’t living it.

We weren’t moving forward on the road God had mapped out for us, let alone experiencing His promises in our lives.

I clearly remember the day I reached the end of my rope and collapsed on my bed, desperately crying out to God. That was the day He said, “Take the time to learn how my Kingdom operates.”

And that was when everything changed.

Drenda and I pushed the reset button on our lives. We took the wheel and let God lead us, and we began to learn how the Kingdom of God operates.

How Everything Changed for Us

We discovered real answers on how to release the Kingdom of God in our lives, and everything changed for us.

In less than three years from that day, we were completely out of debt. We started businesses, paid cash for our cars, cash for our 55 acres of land, and built and paid for our new home. We were extremely excited and still are!

I only wish I hadn’t waited nine miserable years to learn what I learned.

Because the Kingdom was available to us that entire time.

But I wasn’t driving. I had handed over the wheel. We had to take it back—take charge of our lives—and learn how the Kingdom of God operates in order to see real change in our financial situation.

The same goes for you, friend. The Kingdom is available to you right now just like it was for Drenda and me. God has a great plan for your future too. But you have to take action. You have to stop letting your financial situation, or a relationship, or your health, or social media, television, procrastination, a poor diet, regrets, comparison, your job…(whatever it is!) drive your life.

Life will dictate where you’re headed, or where you’re parked, unless YOU take charge—unless you take the wheel.


I don’t want you to live out one more day with anything else, or anyone else, driving your life!

This is the perfect time to push the reset button, to get a refresher, to finish the year off on the road to the incredible destiny God has for you.

At Faith Life Now, we know how important it is to have a place that you can go to get encouragement and motivation on a regular basis; a place that you can go to get the teaching and mentorship you need to reset, or get refreshed, when you need it.

We also know everyone doesn’t learn the same way. That’s why we’re constantly creating new content, programs, and mentorship materials—so you can learn in the ways that are best for your personality and your lifestyle!

Some of the awesome initiatives we’ve recently launched are:

  • The Happy Life Subscription – Get the complete collection of Drenda’s teachings in one easy-to-access place, with more than 8,000 minutes of content, EXCLUSIVE videos and mentorship from Drenda, insightful articles, encouragement sent straight to your inbox, and more for just $5.00 per month!
  • FLN On DemandWatch your favorite episodes of Drenda, Fixing the Money Thing, and Faith Life Now conference sessions, and more on demand for just $10.00 per month.
  • Provision Institute – This 12-month course is designed to give you the spiritual and practical principles you need to be a success in all God is calling you to do. I’ve packed more than 34 years of knowledge and wisdom about how the Kingdom of God operates into an in-depth, easy-to-follow, step-by-step monthly course.
  • Kingdom Advance – This fall we are launching Kingdom Advance groups all around the world. Stay tuned for more details!

Now, you can access all of these new programs, our websites, and your exclusive Team Revolution Partnership perks from one convenient site—flnworldwide.com.

Consider it your HUB for self-improvement—the place you can keep coming back to and building on to make sure that you are the one driving your life on the road God has mapped out for you!

To help you make the most of the rest of your 2019, I also want to send you a copy of my mentorship teaching, How to Win Your Race.

God has called you to great things. Don’t settle for mediocrity when He has provided you with the ability for success! Finish strong this year! Request your copy of How to Win Your Race 2-CD set now, and discover the tricks Satan uses to get you off course and how you can combat them.


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