What are the Enemies of Your Vision and Destiny?

, What are the Enemies of Your Vision and Destiny?

I’ll think about it.

Someday I’d like to…

Well, when it’s more convenient, I’ll…

How many times have you said those things? How many times have you put something off—something important, something that could have drastically impacted your life, something that God told you do—because it might be too hard, too costly, or too inconvenient?

I’ve been there. For years, I would point things out to Drenda—things that I thought I’d like to do—but never actually bother scheduling them or planning them. I’d procrastinate and miss the opportunity, or decide it wasn’t convenient.

She called me out on it a few years back when I saw an article in a bicycling magazine about America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride—a one-day, 100-mile bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe.

When I showed her the photos and told her it looked awesome, she said, “Let’s do that.”

“Well, I’ll think about it,” I told her.

“No, we’re doing it,” she said.

She knew. I had done plenty of “thinking” about things in the past. She knew that unless we made a decision to do it, it would always be just that—something I thought about, but never actually did.

We all those lists of things we want to do, right? Lose weight, change our schedule, spend more time with our family, start a business, remodel our home, take a dream vacation…we talk about the things we’d like to do, the things we want to accomplish. We say things like, “Tomorrow I’ll do this,” or “Monday, I’ll start,” or “One of these days, I’ll…” but we don’t follow through.

See, God presents you with opportunities. That’s what He does. But it’s your responsibility to take advantage of them, and take advantage of them quickly.

If you’re going to run your race with Him, you’re going to have to be able to move swiftly, and you’re going to have to be flexible. You’re going to have to be able to make quick decisions and not be stuck in your ways.

You’re going to have to be proactive and prepared and ready to take immediate action—to seize the moments. Because those moments—those opportunities—pass quickly, and you can easily miss them if you’re not ready, or if you procrastinate, or if you decide you want to wait until it’s more convenient.

Procrastination and convenience are the enemies of your vision and destiny.

Stop giving them any place in your life.

Drenda and I could’ve procrastinated on that 100-mile bike ride. I mean, really, a 100-mile bike ride definitely wasn’t a convenient goal. We had to buy a new, lighter bike to get us through the mountains. We had to train for the ride. And train. And train some more. We had to make the necessary arrangements to be able to be gone for that period of time. We had to drive across the country. And that was all just to get there. I won’t even go into all it took physically and mentally to be able to complete the ride.

But, we had made a decision. We decided that we weren’t going to keep thinking about and talking about doing a 100-mile bike ride; we were actually going to take action. We were going to seize the moment.

So, now it’s your turn. What are you waiting for? What have you been saying you’ll get around to doing one day?

Make the decision RIGHT NOW to act on the opportunities in front of you. Sign up for the race, lose the weight, start that business! Stop talking about what you’ll do “down the road.” Choose to live differently TODAY.

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