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Stories of Lives Changed

  • In less than 3 years I went from $17/hr to $34/hr. Praise God!

    Praising and thanking God for our new heater and water heater! PAID CASH!!

    Sheila M.
  • Our business has increased steadily this year! We have cash-flowed a new paint booth and added square footage on our reface shop. All while saving! And paying our son’s college tuition and extra on our home.

    Robert W.
  • We have increased in business 2014 by 11% thus far! House is being remodeled after 7 years of wait! Going on a trip to Key West for our 2nd honeymoon. Favor everywhere we go.

    Mark K.Krugerville, TX
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    • shutterstock_159118949

      What Now?

      When you live in a land, you can’t avoid the decisions that the highest court there makes. In the United States, our highest court has made the decision to reject the Bible and to reject what has been in existence since the creation of man. They’ve made the decision to reject God. Our culture can’t […]

    • shutterstock_207035422

      She Said, “I’m Supposed to Give You This…”

      No one knew I would be at the conference, so I was stunned when the lady came up to me and said, “You’re here!” She was beyond excited as she explained how God had spoken to her that morning and told her to do something. She said she didn’t know what it meant, but that […]

    • shutterstock_198605753

      Enough Already

      I’ve had it. I’m completely fed up. I’ve heard enough stories of doom, crisis, debt, and failure. Enough already. For far too long, the enemy has been trying to keep us distracted. The stories of doom, crisis, debt, and failure are just another one of his tactics. He sets up schemes and scenarios to generate […]