You must know how to release the principles of the Kingdom in your life, so you can experience the success God has planned for you.

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Get On With Your Destiny

Gary & Drenda Keesee, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, share strategies for balanced, successful living in the areas of faith, family and finances. The Keesees believe it is essential to fix “the money thing” so you can get on with your destiny.

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Power of Rest, Part 1

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Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest

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Power of Rest, Part 2

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Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest

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How to Lose Money, Part 1

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Fixing the Money Thing

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How to Lose Money, Part 2

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Fixing the Money Thing

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Q & A with Gary and Drenda, Part 1

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Mentoring you to your destiny

Team Revolution was created for YOU.

To mentor you in the things God taught us.

To help you live a life filled with purpose.

To see you win.

Join us on this journey to reach the world for God, and experience successful Kingdom living.

I'm Ready!

In less than 3 years I went from $17/hr to $34/hr. Praise God!
Praising and thanking God for our new heater and water heater! PAID CASH!!

Sheila M.

Our business has increased steadily this year! We have cash-flowed a new paint booth and added square footage on our reface shop. All while saving! And paying our son’s college tuition and extra on our home.

Robert W.

We have increased in business 2014 by 11% thus far! House is being remodeled after 7 years of wait! Going on a trip to Key West for our 2nd honeymoon. Favor everywhere we go.

Mark K.

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