I Couldn’t Even Afford to Buy a Postage Stamp.

Gary Keesee

Then, everything changed.
We finally had rest.

We could think about our future and not just about paying the bills.

We could dream again of good things instead of worrying how we would survive one more week.

Do you know my story?

Many years ago, well before we were in ministry, we lived hand-to-mouth. We lived in downright poverty. We were believers, and we had a great family life. We enjoyed our marriage and our family, but we were struggling. Really struggling.

We went to a church that taught us how God loves us and that He has great things planned for our lives, but we weren’t living it. We weren’t experiencing God’s promises in our lives.

We were barely surviving.

Pawnshops were a way of life. We didn’t own anything new. Everything we had was used, very used. The carpet on my kids’ bedroom floors had been retrieved from a trash bin. Their mattresses came from a nursing home. We had two cars that each had more than 200,000 miles on each of them and had definitely seen better days. The floorboards in both of them were rusting out; they were beat up and the frames were bent.

The little, 1800s farmhouse our family of seven lived in had also seen better days. We had weeds growing through any cracks that could be found in the window frames.

For years, our finances had been on a slippery downhill slope. Working on straight commissions in the insurance industry had left us with too much month at the end of our money time and time again. And while I always intended to pay off our debts, or whatever we may have borrowed each month, we only ended up further behind.

For nine very long years, we were in financial chaos. Not only did we owe on our broken-down farmhouse and two rusted-out, bent up, high mileage cars, we also had ten maxed out credit cards, three finance company loans at interest rates of 28%, more than $13,000 owed in back taxes, more than $26,000 owed to relatives, and judgments and liens filed against us.

Intense financial pressure anyone?

I remember one specific time I had to mail an envelope. Not a $10 envelope. A regular envelope. A letter.

But I couldn’t even afford the stamp.

We had borrowed money from anybody and everybody we could. We had exhausted all of our options. In fact, we owed money to nearly anyone you could imagine—hospitals, dry cleaners—everyone.

I had to call my dad to ask if he had change I could have to buy a stamp.

Let that sink in: I couldn’t even afford to buy a stamp.

“Do I have breathe for you, too?” my dad asked me.


My dad was funding everything, and he wasn’t a believer at the time. Drenda and I were the believers. But for nine years we lived like that.

I was sick during those days, too. I was miserable. I lived in stress. I was anxious and fearful. The doctors put me on medication to deal with the panic attacks I was having, but that only seemed to make things worse. Fear consumed my life. I even got to the point of not wanting to leave my house.

You can imagine how much that was helping my sales business.

Everyday life became a game of survival, and I was constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for the next thing to go wrong or blow up.

I had no joy, no peace, and no rest.

I reached the end of my rope when an attorney called our house one morning and warned me that his firm was going to file a lawsuit against me if I didn’t give them $1,900 within three days.

I was desperate. I had exhausted all of my options. I knew it was over; I had nowhere to turn.

I clearly remember collapsing on my bed, desperately crying out to God. To be honest, I was shocked that God spoke to me immediately. He told me that I had trusted in debt to meet my needs and that I had never taken the time to learn how His Kingdom operated. He then went on and told me that most of His body, the Church, was in debt and that He wanted them free financially. He said, “Take the time to learn how my Kingdom operates.”

My life completely changed after that. Drenda and I began to learn how the Kingdom operated, and what we learned was amazing. When we discovered and began to apply Kingdom principles, it was like a light switch came on.

We truly began experiencing the promises of God in our lives.

In less than three years from that day, we were completely out of debt. We started new businesses during that time that kept growing. We paid cash for our cars, cash for our 55 acres of land, and built and paid for our new home. We were extremely excited, and still are! In fact, we’ve been on a mission ever since to help others experience the Kingdom of God.

Of course, all of those things were really exciting, but the best thing about our journey was that we finally had rest.

We could think about our future and not just about paying the bills.

We could dream again of good things instead of worrying how we would survive one more week.

Friend, that is real rest, and that’s what I want for you this year.

You may find it hard to believe right now, but I assure you that what Drenda and I discovered is just as much available to you as it was to us.

The power of rest is a law of God’s Kingdom that frees you to stop chasing after money. It’s one of the most life-changing principles God has ever taught me, and that’s why I’m so excited to announce my newest book, Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest. I really believe the Holy Spirit has given me a message that is going to change the way you work forever!

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