5 Ways to Find Your Function in Life

Gary Keesee

Start here:

1. Figure out what bothers you. What problems do you want to fix? Others might not see the same things you see because that’s your function. See a wall with a dent in it? Grab some putty and a paintbrush and become the answer.

2. Decide what brings you the greatest satisfaction. In the earth-cursed system, we made all of our decisions based on money. We had to do what was asked of us in order to make money. Because of that, people don’t really know what brings them true satisfaction. So, experiment. Try some things. Find out what brings you satisfaction.

3. Start doing something. It’s hard to evaluate something from standstill. Jump in somewhere.

4. Remember to own the vision, not the position. A small church starts up and they need a musician. After some time, a lady finally speaks up and says she took about six months of lessons, so they give her the job. Eventually the church grows, and a ‘more seasoned’ piano player is put in position. But that lady with the six months of lessons gets offended when they ask her to do something else. Don’t be her. Don’t get offended. Be willing to be moved around. Own the vision, not the position.

5. Serve. Volunteer. If you won’t do it for free, why should you get paid to do it? Most of our staff began as what we call Dream Teamers (our volunteer team). God will promote you. He’ll help the leaders see that you should be promoted. Get involved.

Remember, God is for you. You are part of the Body of Christ. You have a specific function you were designed for. You have a specific place.





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