Are You Paying Attention to the Temperature of the Water?

Gary Keesee

We’ve never done this before.

In more than 23 years of ministry, we’ve never done anything like this.

It’s about time. Because we’re in trouble.

No, NOT the ministry.

Our culture is in trouble.

America is in trouble.

Wait. Before you stop reading because you think it’s about political parties or ideals… it’s NOT.

This is about the direction our culture is going. This is about the standards set for us by the Word of God. This is about the things we value—like faith, family, and freedom—being under attack more than ever before.

Whether it’s a comfortable topic or not, whether you want to think about it or not, you can’t escape what’s happening for long. You do live here after all.

So, who’s really in trouble?

We are.

There’s a myth from the nineteenth century about a frog in boiling water. It says that if you put a live frog in a pot of boiling water, it will react and immediately try to jump out. But the story goes on to say that if you put a frog in cool water and gradually heat the water to a boil, the frog won’t perceive the danger, and it will be cooked to death.

The frog gets comfortable. It gets complacent. It gets desensitized to the slowly rising temperature of the water. The frog is oblivious to the sinister threat that is gradually arising.

We’re no different. We get busy and distracted. We think we can’t make a difference, so we don’t even try. We get desensitized. We get intimidated. We put up with everything. We’ve been clapping our hands in worship while Satan has been working behind the scenes to change not just our culture but our laws and to enforce his legality and authority in the land.

We’ve become complacent. We’re being lulled to sleep by the low standards of the world. They’ve told us to be quiet, and we’ve listened. And all the while those that don’t want righteousness are continuing to take our freedoms.

What about you? Have you become oblivious to the sinister threat that has been gradually arising in our nation and culture?

Friend, now more than ever, it’s time for us to wake up and pay attention to the temperature of the water—to what’s happening in our culture. It’s time for us to rise up, speak up, and stand for truth, faith, family, and freedom.

Years ago, God showed us how to live life with these core values, and we’ve worked hard to pass them on not only to our own children but also to the next generation.

Now, we see the fruit of our faith and our efforts as those we have sowed into are influencing others in their generation and the culture as a whole.

There is hope. It’s not too late.

Friend, we have to weather the storms and not be like the complacent frog. We MUST pay attention to the gradually increasing temperature of the water and fight for our faith, for our families, and for our freedoms. It’s our responsibility.


You have the baton. Generations have come before us and may come after us, but right now, it’s your turn. Your story is being written in history.

That’s why we’re doing something we’ve never done before.

We’ve pulled together six messages into a set that are critical to your life in this season. It’s called the Faith, Family, and Freedom Collection.

This six-CD set contains life-changing messages shared by our family that we want to get into your hands—six messages pulled together specifically to encourage you, to help you be a witness for the Kingdom of God and boldly model and stand for the principles of faith, family, and freedom as God designed them.

One morning years ago during prayer, the Lord gave Drenda a word. He said, “Seven priests raised up seven horns, and the walls came tumbling down.” He said the seven priests represent our family, and we’ve clung to that word for our family all of these years.

So, what do you get when you put seven totally different people with seven totally different personalities, giftings, and talents together in one teaching series?

Well, Ephesians 4:16 (NLT) says, “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”  And we believe that about both the body of Christ and our family.

Each of the seven of us have our own unique personality, passions, and callings in the Kingdom—our own “special work” to complete as we each follow God. And, just like the Scripture says, we believe all of the pieces and parts of our family fit together perfectly when it comes to sharing Kingdom principles (raising up our seven horns) and helping others, like you and your family, win in life and tear down walls.

Will you wake up and pay attention? Will you join our family in rising up, speaking up, and standing for truth and for faith, family, and freedom?

Click here to request your copy of the brand new Faith, Family, and Freedom Collection.




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