Are You REALLY Ready? Part One

Gary Keesee

If I handed you a single puzzle piece, could you tell me what it was an image of?

I doubt it.

Even if you could make out what may be on your piece, you still wouldn’t have any idea how that piece fits into the bigger picture.

You are like that puzzle piece in the Body of Christ—by yourself, you don’t make much sense. But, when you find your place in the big picture, everything makes sense.

When you’re born, you don’t know your place or your purpose. There’s a reason. Remember, King Herod tried to kill Jesus as a baby. The enemy would come for you in the same way if he knew your destiny. He would love to bring interference and to stop you from ever getting started. So, it’s in God’s favor and your best interest to keep the complete picture of your destiny from you until you’re mature and tested enough to reach it.

I get calls from people that are in ministry and things are crashing down around them. Some of them have simply stepped out too soon. They had a vision and jumped right into it. See, in the world we get impatient. God isn’t like that.

He takes the time to make sure that you’re ready to occupy in the place that He is sending you. He wants to make sure that when you reach that intersection of time, location, and purpose in your life, that you’ll stick a flag in the ground and claim it as His territory in the name of Jesus.

He won’t send you there if you’re not ready.

In 1 Corinthians 3, we read a letter from Paul to a young church that is just coming into Christ and making some mistakes. In this chapter, Paul tells them that the Lord has assigned to each his task.

As people, we want to be cool. We want to fit in. We want to be like everyone else. But, being a part of the crowd isn’t what makes you valuable. Like gold and silver, what makes you valuable is your scarcity. There is no one else like you. God made you unique for a reason. Paul says, “The man who plants and the man who waters each have ONE task.” You have one task, or purpose, that you were created for, and God will reward you based on how you handle that task.

God gave us the instructions for how to handle that task in 1 Corinthians 9:24. He told us to run our race in such a way as to get the prize. Think of how someone trains for a race. Think about how dedicated, how willing to sacrifice, and how focused they are. Distractions don’t pull them off their scheduled time to train. They understand the finish line. They understand the starting block. They know that the race can be won or lost in any of those moments, so they practice and practice and practice.

Training for a race isn’t easy. It isn’t always exciting. Finding your place isn’t always exciting. There are still chores that have to be done.

As a friend of this ministry, there’s so much more I want to share with you about this!

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Watch for Part Two of this post next week.

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