Faith – What It Is and Why You Need It – Part Two

Gary Keesee

Last week, I posted about about how important it is for you to know how the Kingdom of God operates—about faith. You can read that here.

See, God has to have someone in the earth realm who will come into agreement with heaven and carry the anointing.

Your heart is the interface for that agreement.

When you are fully persuaded in your heart, and you pray, the anointing flows.

Without that agreement, prayer is just a religious exercise.

Now, once you get it in your heart, that doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to change right at that moment. There are things that need to be done.

There’s more to it than just having faith.

You weren’t saved just by faith, but by doing also. We can have faith, but there are some things we have to do in order for your picture to match what’s in heaven:

1. You have to believe God.

2. You have to have direction from God.

3. You have to take action on that direction.

There’s a story in the Bible of a woman who had a bleeding problem. She believed God. She saw Jesus right in front of her and she took action.

Sometimes we believe our heart is right, so we step out in faith and we take action and nothing happens. Then we get frustrated, disillusioned, and disappointed with God’s Word because we’re not seeing the results that the Bible clearly says are legally ours. But, that’s a great place to be. I know. You’re thinking – this guy is nuts! How could he say that’s a great place to be?

Because frustration is the breeding ground of change.

Have you ever built something that ended up not working? Ever stood back and looked at something you did and said, ‘Wait a minute. Something is wrong here?’ You got frustrated, right? Then you went back to the instructions you probably never bothered to read completely in the first place and you started dissecting everything and you realized you had a screw in the wrong place, a wire not connected properly, or that you need batteries. When you finally fixed the issues, and get it in alignment, it worked just like it was supposed to.

The BIBLE is just like that. It’s supposed to work just like it says.

If there’s a malfunction, it is NEVER on God’s end.

So, now you know. If you’re there at the place of frustration, disappointment, or desperation, you have some changes to make. Think about what you really believe.

Find the malfunction.

Drill down until you figure out where you’ve missed it. Go back to the Word of God and make sure your heart is right. Read the instruction manual and make sure you have the right picture on the inside. Then, go after the picture as hard as you can. Watch the changes that take place. Watch the stories show up. Watch the mountains move.


Portions of this article are excerpted from Gary’s Fixing Your Faith series.

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