God Made You Unique for a Reason

Gary Keesee

I admit it.

I have a poor sense of direction.

When I’m driving somewhere I’ve never been before, I can easily get frustrated.

I have to really think about each turn. I have to purposely think about where I’m going and the next turn I’m taking. If I get the least bit distracted, I can get really thrown off course.

My wife, Drenda, on the other hand, could be picked up and put down in the middle of somewhere and could find her way out, or back, or home. I’ve always called her my GPS.

Maybe you’re great at directions, like Drenda.

Or maybe it’s a weakness for you, like me.

Plain and simple, we all have different strengths and different sources of frustration.

We all have things in our lives that we find annoying and tedious and really don’t want to even have to do, but there are also those things that we really love to do that other people don’t like doing.

Those things are part of what makes you unique. And God made you that way.

He made you unique for a reason. He made you different for a specific assignment and a specific purpose.

The problem is we want to be cool. We want to fit in. So we try way too hard to be like everyone else.

I was in a church one time when this big bus with a band’s name on the side rolled in. I thought I was going to be witnessing a great concert. Boy, was I wrong. The band was awful. They couldn’t sing. In fact, it was one of the worst noises I have ever heard in my life.

It was like watching American Idol tryouts. Have you ever wondered where these people’s friends are? Why hasn’t anyone told them? Where are their moms? How did they get this far without someone telling them they can’t sing?

The worst part was that the band had clearly spent a lot of money on instruments and on a nice bus.

They had really invested a lot into trying to be something they weren’t.

We’ve all done it at some point—spent time or money or energy trying to be someone or something we’re not.

But trying to do something that we’re not gifted at never ends well. We can try to fake it til we make it. We can try to move in directions and do things because we think that’s where the money is, because we think it’s cool or popular, or because that’s where we think the glory is, but we just end up embarrassing ourselves, or worse, if we try to function as something other than what God has designed us for.

Here’s the thing: Being just like everyone else doesn’t make you valuable.

Trying to be like everyone else makes you just another person in the crowd.

It’s your uniqueness that makes you valuable—your distinctness.

Remarkable. Rare. Uncommon. One-of-a-kind.

Those are the words that should be used to describe you. And not in a weird or off-the-wall way. As in there is no one else exactly like you in this entire world.

Because God made you unique for a reason.

Paul said, “The man who plants and the man who waters each have ONE task.” You have one task, or purpose, that you were created for, and God will reward you based on how you handle that task.

The dictionary defines “function” as an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing; a practical use or purpose in design.

I like to use a cup for an example when I’m talking about purpose.

A cup has a very defined function. It’s made to be a cup. If I try to use a cup for something else—as a hammer, for example—it isn’t going to be as effective. We have people all over the body of Christ who are trying to be something other than the cups they were called to be. But they’re not effective.

Just like a cup, YOU have a specific, God-designed purpose and function.

You’re unique. You have value. You have a very specific spot in the building plan of God.

Want to know the best part? You don’t have to try to figure out what makes you unique, your purpose, or any of your life out on your own.

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