Got People Around Who Make You Want to Quit? There Are Answers.

, Got People Around Who Make You Want to Quit? There Are Answers.

“I wrote my resignation letter today,” Gary said, with tears in his eyes and trying to fight back the crushing disappointment in his voice.

Where did we go wrong?

We used to wake up every day so excited to build the vision God gave us. Now, we were tired, frustrated, and burnt out. We felt like failures.

If we were better leaders, people wouldn’t turn against us, right?

I thought we were the only ones dealing with these situations, but as we continued in ministry, I found out that we weren’t. Far from it.

Have you ever met a difficult person?

Somebody who was hard to please, critical, controlling, negative, or even rude? Did a few people come to mind as soon as you read that?

Some people treat us this way naively, simply motivated by feelings of jealousy, control, insecurity, or anger. Others do it compulsively. I call those people sharks.

We can all be sharks or demonstrate sharklike qualities from time to time, but these people do this so consistently and so maliciously that this isn’t an accident on their part—it’s a habit.

When we encounter sharks (note: you most often can’t tell a shark by their outward appearance), we often try to jump through hoops to keep them happy.

Been there, got the t-shirt, went back and got 500 more.

I hated making people unhappy!

If somebody was upset with me, my whole life came to a screeching halt. I spent SO much time trying to make people happy, but in the end, those very people left my life without a second thought. No matter how much I did, it never seemed to be enough for them.

“The only thing wrong with trying to please everyone is that there’s always at least one person who will remain unhappy—you.” —Elizabeth Parker

I felt heartbroken, confused, and even depressed at times.

But here’s where this story gets good! Through years of doing the WRONG things, I discovered how to break free. I learned the powerful principles that allowed me to start successfully dealing with difficult people without losing my peace.

And if I did it, you can too!

Gary and I almost made a terrible mistake—giving up on ministry—because of sharks.

Don’t get that far down the path yourself.

Don’t even think about giving up on what God has called you to do or giving up on your dreams because of people. Don’t even think about quitting.


If telling people no make you feel guilty…

If you feel paralyzed by a fear of rejection, judgment, or trying to keep people from being upset with you…

If you’re burnt out in business and tempted to give up, all because of people…

If you feel bad for having nice things…

If you love to help others, but find it hard to accept help yourself…

If you’ve felt used, intimidated, or criticized by people…

If any of those sound like you, GET READY to discover something that could change the way you deal with people forever.

There are answers!

It’s time to master the art of dealing with difficult people in every area of your life.

Request your copy of Drenda’s newest book, Shark Proof: How to Deal with Difficult People today!



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