It’s Life or Death. Who is Really Teaching Your Child?

, It’s Life or Death. Who is Really Teaching Your Child?

“My daughters were watching a kids television program that I had seen a few times. It was an annoying show, but I thought it was one of the few innocent ones left for their age group.

I was shocked when, a few minutes into the episode, I heard the characters singing the lyrics “away in a graveyard” to the tune of the Christmas carol “Away in a Manger.”


Every child has a destiny and a calling, and WE are responsible for them.

Are we doing a good job?

Look around you.

Watch some of the shows your kids are watching, or the shows they say their friends watch. Research the content of the books that are popular right now with teens and tweens. Take a look at the toys and dolls that are being marketed to kids. Research some of the video game or apps that are out there right now. Flip through the material they’re being taught in school.

When Hitler took over Germany, he began with the youth core. He realized he had to capture the hearts of the youth to have the nation. We’re seeing that in America now.

No, I’m not being extreme.

Who is teaching your child?

Sure, changing some song lyrics may seem innocent, but it’s really life or death.

It’s just one more subtle tactic the enemy is using to get to our children.

Because the enemy knows the best way to affect our lives—the best way to corrupt or pervert our entire culture—is to start with the children.

God created family, and He takes how we train our children very seriously.

Family is God’s system of transferring knowledge from generation to generation.

Everything flows out of family. The promises of God for our lives are still dependent on us following after God, mentoring and demonstrating righteousness (what God calls right), justice (what God says is legal), and His ways to our family.

We have to teach our children to think, talk, and act like God designed us to think, talk, and act.

God holds us responsible.

He sees children as precious gifts. The Bible tells us that children are a reward—they are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.

Think about that.

How vital is an arrow to a warrior? How much care and protection does he give to his arrows because he knows his life depends on them? How well is that warrior going to protect and oversee the value and condition of his arrows?

Do we pay as much attention to young people today as a warrior would to his arrows?

Are you nurturing and raising those arrows up straight—with a righteous mindset and a spiritual worldview? (Or are you calling them brats and wishing the summer school vacation were over so that they would be out of your hair?)

Kids aren’t stupid. They watch us, and they will follow what we do, not what we say.

If you have a heart for God, they’ll know it. If you don’t, they’ll know it.

So, make the decision for you and your house that you will serve the Lord. Follow God, and be the person He has called you to be. Be trustworthy with your family.

Make sure you’re the one teaching your child.


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