This Can Be the Best Year of Your Life

Gary Keesee

It’s too late.

Have you ever said that?

Did you know Laura Ingalls Wilder was 43 years old when her daughter, Rose, encouraged her to write a memoir about her childhood? Her first attempt on writing her autobiography was rejected several times.

Determined to succeed, she spent the next several years improving it. The publishers agreed to publish her work as a fiction story for children when she was 65 years old. The last book in the Little House series came out when she was 76.

Have you ever had a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

In 1952, at age 65, living on his $105 a month Social Security check, Colonel Harland Sanders decided he wanted to try to sell his chicken recipe to the world. He was met with little enthusiasm.

Colonel Sanders was turned down 1,009 times before his chicken recipe was accepted by one restaurant. When he passed away at age 90, there were around 6,000 KFC locations in 48 countries. As of 2018, there were 23,000 KFC outlets in 119 countries and territories around the world.

It will take too long.

When was the last time you said that?

You might know that Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. But did you know that it was six years later before he managed to land a contract with IBM? And it was another five years before Microsoft went public, making Gates worth $350 million?

Have you ever heard of Gladys Burrill? She completed her first marathon when she was 86 years old. At 92, she completed the Honolulu Marathon. Winners of the Honolulu Marathon usually come in under two and a half hours. It took Gladys nine hours and 53 minutes to finish the race. But Gladys was proud of her accomplishment.

I don’t have what it takes.

That’s one we usually think, but don’t necessarily say out loud, right?

Have you heard of Susan Boyle? She was 47 when her mother encouraged her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. When she took the stage, both the judges and the people in the audience rolled their eyes. Susan didn’t look the part.

As soon as Susan hit the first note, all doubts turned to awe. Not only did she receive a standing ovation from the audience, she got three yes votes from the judges. Susan’s first album I Dreamed a Dream became the United Kingdom’s best-selling debut album of all time.

Friend, it’s not too late for you.

It won’t take too long.

You DO have what it takes.

Don’t let the enemy’s lies hogtie you and keep you from your future.

God is bigger than your past. He’s bigger than your failures. He’s bigger than your shortcomings.

Let go of anything you’ve ever thought about yourself that doesn’t line up with the Word of God, and trust Him.

Embrace your God-designed assignment, plan, and purpose.

This can be the best year of your entire life so far, if you decide for it to be so.

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