Want to Know How You Can Get the Answers You Need?

, Want to Know How You Can Get the Answers You Need?

Farming wasn’t going well.

Yes, he had 1,400 acres of farmland, but it wasn’t even paying the bills; he and his wife weren’t making ends meet.

Until one day…


I first spotted Dan in the back of the church. He was with my cousin, Jennifer, and I found out later that day that they were dating.

Dan was obviously uncomfortable, but he told me later that he felt totally out of place. After all, our church was just a bit different than the denominational church that he had been attending.

He ended up marrying my cousin, and they made Faith Life Church their church.

That’s where the real story starts.

At that time, Dan was farming about 1,400 acres in Central Ohio, and it wasn’t going well.

Wasn’t going well as in he wasn’t making a profit.

But then everything changed.

Within one year, their yield on those same 1,400 acres was 128% higher than it had been the year before. It was so much higher, in fact, that they were able to pay cash for a new car and purchase, with cash, A SECOND FARM, which meant more acreage to plant the following year.

And more harvest.

Dan was so excited. He said that, in the past, it would’ve taken 10 YEARS to pay off that new farm, and he had just paid cash for it upfront.

So, what Gary? Are you telling me I’m just supposed to double my giving and I’ll suddenly have an increase of 128%?


Here’s the thing—after Dan and Jennifer began to double their giving, they also started praying and asking God to show them what to do.

And He did.

As a farmer, Dan got multiple advertisements in the mail every day for farming equipment. He’d barely glance at the catalogs and postcards as he tossed them into the trash can.

But one day, the Holy Spirit told Dan to pull one of those 3” x 5” cards back out of the garbage right after he threw it away.

There was nothing special about the little card. It was just another advertisement about a piece of farm equipment, and it invited farmers to a meeting to discuss the tool.

Dan felt the urge to go, and ended up buying the equipment. (Of course, he tried to explain to me the scientific reasons the equipment is effective in increasing crop yield, but he lost me about halfway through his explanation.)

All that really matters is that he understood it. Because that equipment is what resulted in his 128% increase.

Now, Dan farms thousands of acres. And he has many stories of how the Holy Spirit helped him make decisions that propelled him faster than he ever could have imagined.

Friend, God doesn’t play favorites.

You have the same legal rights in the Kingdom of God as Dan does.

Dan’s success wasn’t something he thought up—it was a unique Holy Spirit strategy discerned because Dan took steps to apply Kingdom law, and he and his wife were listening for the Holy Spirit to speak and to help them with a plan.

The Holy Spirit has YOUR PLAN too—the unique strategy you need to move you forward faster than you can imagine!

God has the answers you need.

Do you want to know how can you get those answers and apply them to your life?

Join me on an eye-opening journey, and discover how to implement the Power of Strategy in your life!

“Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: ‘I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go” (Isaiah 48:17, NKJV).


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