What Are You Missing by Stopping at Satisfied?

Gary Keesee

The lady said, “Alright, WHO ARE YOU?”

She had finally grown curious enough to ask me after she had seen the flight attendant make trip after trip all the way back to my row in coach to bring me refreshments and refills throughout the entire flight.

I had preached at a conference in California and was taking a red eye flight back to Ohio. I knew the weekend would be busy with three services to preach when I got home, and I was already tired.

As I was heading to the airport, I was talking to my Drenda on the phone. She said, “Let’s agree that you can fly home first class.” I agreed and we prayed. Now, I very rarely fly first class, but sometimes if I really know I need rest, I will upgrade my seat. But when I got to the airport, it was clear that an upgrade wasn’t happening. All of the first class seats were taken, and there was a list of twenty people ahead of me that were waiting for one, too.

As I sat down on the plane, there was a small commotion in front of me as a man voiced his complaint about not being able to sit with his wife. No one wanted to switch him seats. After a few moments, I offered to give up my aisle seat and take a middle seat so they could sit together. The flight attendants were very thankful that I had helped make the couple comfortable.

About 30 minutes into the flight, the flight attendants started to serve the economy seats their normal drinks and peanuts. The first class curtain had been drawn, but you could smell a full meal being served to the first class guests. Suddenly, one of the flight attendants was in front of me in the aisle with a full first class tray in her hands. She had walked all the way back to me in row 27 and said, “I thought you might be hungry.” I sure was!

And it gets even better.

About an hour after the meal, one of the attendants appeared with a full snack tray. This was only happening for me, not anyone else in all of the economy seat area of the plane.

People around me were acting normally, but when they brought me another snack—a hot chocolate chip cookie and a drink—near the end of the flight, well, that was the last straw for many of the people around me, including the lady who finally asked me who I was.

I enjoyed the privileges of a first class seat even while I was in coach.

That story is a perfect illustration of what life should be like YOU as a believer—everyone else may be surviving on the proverbial peanuts, but you should have more.

So many people get to a point in their lives where they’re comfortable—they’re paying their bills, able to buy a few extra things that they want, and are more or less content with their jobs—and that’s it. They’re satisfied and that’s enough for them.

That shouldn’t be you.

As a believer, you shouldn’t see the weekend as your goal. You shouldn’t look forward to stopping. If you are, you’re missing out on life. You might be comfortable, but you’re missing it.

God wants to use you. He wants to give you ideas. He wants to give you the privileges of first class. He wants people to look at your life and say, “Wow! What happened to them? How’d they do that?”

You should be so much more than just “satisfied” with your life.

It’s time your life was full of the evidence of the promises of God. It’s time you started living out your God-designed destiny.

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