Are You a Slave to Your Paycheck?

Gary Keesee

Why do you show up to work?

Do you actually like your job, or do you just show up for the paycheck?

I was shocked when I read a recent study that found that nearly 70% of Americans don’t like their jobs, and out of those 70%, 30% hate them.

Every day, millions of people show up to jobs they hate just to get a paycheck. They’re slaves to their financial situations. There’s a reason Matthew 6:24 says, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

When you’re a slave to your paycheck—when you’re chasing after money—it hinders you from being obedient to God. Money is a tool meant to serve you and your assignment, not the other way around.

Are your dreams on hold because you’re a slave to your paycheck?

When Drenda and I were buried in debt and searching our couch cushions for spare change to buy our children’s dinner, I wasn’t dreaming about God’s assignment for my life. All I could think about was how we were going to survive one more day. My mind was bombarded with tormenting thoughts.

How will I pay the bills tomorrow?
How am I going to feed my children?
How can I get out of this mess?

So many people are looking for a way to escape the financial pressure. That’s why winning the lottery and get-rich-quick schemes are tempting to so many. People are desperate to find rest. They only look forward to the weekend, their next vacation, or even retirement.

Because that’s when they can finally stop running and start doing what they’re passionate about.

No one wants to keep waking up with the weight of finding provision on their shoulders. When you’re living that way, your life is stuck on pause—every day you’re waiting for a breakthrough so you can finally start living.

The good news is you don’t have to live that way any longer. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold while you struggle paycheck-to-paycheck.

God didn’t design you to spend your whole life chasing after money. Your life is about so much more than a paycheck, a bigger house, or a fancier car.

He didn’t create you to survive through life—He created you to thrive.

He created you with a specific purpose for your life, and when you tap into the laws that govern His Kingdom, you can stop chasing after money and start accelerating toward your destiny.

When God showed me that He had a plan to meet my needs that didn’t involve me working longer and harder, I felt like I could dream again.

I want that for you, too.

The principle of rest helped me escape the earth curse system, and it can do the same for you. That’s why I am so excited about my new book, Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest. I really believe the Holy Spirit has given me a message that’s going to change the way you work forever.

It’s time to unlock the freedom to prosper in your passion through the laws of God’s Kingdom. Quit counting down the number of days until the weekend, and start experiencing the power of rest in your life every day!

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