Do You Have the Courage for Increase?

Gary Keesee

I think that Christians get confused sometimes. We look for things to be easy. But God never said things would be easy; He just said all things are possible.
The way most of us are living life right now has capped our ability to expand or move on.

Most of us are living, right now, at our level of capacity. And for that to change, we must change.

Of course, change isn’t pleasant.

Confronting weakness never is. Battling our former selves to find our best selves never is. Addressing circumstances or other people never is. And most people don’t want to be so much as uncomfortable, let alone have the courage or fortitude to be downright miserable.

But uncomfortable, tough decisions are required for success. And most situations usually feel like they’re getting worse before they get better. But the reward of pushing through is great.

I mean, look at the Israelites. God had a specific destiny for them. He sent them out of the land of slavery into a land flowing with milk and honey, a place that He created for them live in, dwell in, and occupy.

They had an assignment and a purpose. So do you. You have a place that God is leading you to. All the events of your life, the way you have been created, your thinking, your creativity, your personality—all of it was designed by God for your destiny. You’re on the road to that place.

But most Christians miss their destinies because they don’t recognize that. Instead, they stay at the Red Sea experience—when you’re born again and you celebrate, but then you stop. You stop and say, “Hey, praise God, brother. How are you doing? I’m doing great! It’s awesome we’re saved.”

It’s comfortable.

But it’s not your true capacity.

Why are you saved? And why are you still here? If being saved was just about going to heaven, then why are you still here? There must be a reason. There must be a place God where destined you to dwell, a place of occupation where He wants His government represented.

After the Red Sea came the Jordan River. The same Spirit of God that blasted apart the Red Sea blasted the Jordan River apart. Why? It wasn’t for deliverance this time. It was for conquest, territory, and occupation!

So, if you’re a believer who thinks everything is supposed to be easy and comfortable, you had better get to work on your theology. Blow it out of the water. God is trying to increase your capacity. He’s trying to push you into the land of giants and walled cities.

You have to have the courage for increase.

Are you ready to increase your capacity so you can expand and move on to the life God has for you?

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