You Can Have Help Navigating Through Life – The BEST Help

, You Can Have Help Navigating Through Life – The BEST Help

“Alright, WHO ARE YOU?” she asked me.

I had preached at a conference in California and was taking a red-eye flight back to Ohio. I knew the weekend would be busy with three services to preach when I got home, and I was already tired.

As I was heading to the airport, I was talking to Drenda on the phone. She said, “Let’s agree that you can fly home first class.” I agreed, and we prayed.

I very rarely fly first class, but sometimes, if I really know I need rest, I will upgrade my seat.

But when I got to the airport, it was clear that an upgrade wasn’t happening. All of the first class seats were taken, and there was a list of at least 20 people ahead of me that were waiting for one, too.

As I sat down on the plane, there was a small commotion in front of me as a man voiced his complaint about not being able to sit with his wife. No one wanted to switch him seats. After a few moments, I offered to give up my aisle seat and take a middle seat so they could sit together. The flight attendants were very thankful that I had helped make the couple comfortable.

The First Class Curtain Had Been Closed

It was about 30 minutes into the flight, when I could small the meal being served to the first class people. The flight attendants started to serve those of us in the economy seats the normal drinks and peanuts.

Then it happened.

One of the flight attendants was in front of me in the aisle with a full first-class tray in her hands.

She had walked all the way back to me in row 27.

“I thought you might be hungry,” she said.

Uh, most definitely!

But the story gets even better.

About an hour after the meal, one of the attendants brought me a full snack tray.

Remember, this was only happening for ME, not anyone else in ALL of the economy seat-area of the plane.

Up until that point, the people around me had been acting pretty normal.

But then the flight attendant brought me something that changed everything.

A hot chocolate chip cookie and a drink.

That was the last straw for many of the people around me. And that’s when the lady next to me asked, “Alright, WHO ARE YOU?”

I enjoyed the privileges of a first-class seat even while I was in coach.

You Have the Clear Advantage

Why did I share that story with you?

Because that story is a perfect illustration of what life should be like FOR YOU as a believer.

Everyone else may be surviving on the proverbial peanuts, but not you.

You should have the hot chocolate chip cookies.

You should have the upgrade…the advantage…the favor.

Favor means “standing in a place of advantage.”

Years ago, my family went to Long Island, New York for a vacation. I was out in the water and on the beach just enjoying the sun and water. Since the sun was so bright, I wore my sunglasses out into the water. I wasn’t going far out. In fact, I was only in waist-high water so I thought nothing about wearing my expensive sunglasses.

But out of nowhere came a huge wave that washed entirely over me.

My sunglasses were gone.

Those sunglasses were my favorite pair and I didn’t want to lose them. I immediately cried out, “No! In the name of Jesus, I will not lose those glasses! Holy Spirit, show me where they are!”

I then asked my two daughters who were with me to help me find them. We walked all around the spot and felt the sand with our feet. For about 20 minutes, we looked and felt around, and felt around some more.

We couldn’t find them.

I went back up to the shore and sat down with Drenda, telling her what had happened and that I was NOT going to lose those sunglasses. My plan was to go back out and look for them again, but Drenda suggested that we go for a walk first and then she would help me search.

We walked down the beach about 3/4 of a mile. Just as we were about to turn around and head back, a wave rolled in.

With my sunglasses on top.

Not only that, my sunglasses came sliding in and skidded to a stop at my feet!

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Drenda and I just looked at each other, probably with our mouths hanging open in shock.

Favor Will Change Your Life

“But those things only happen to you, Gary, because you’re a pastor.”

Here’s the thing you have to understand—there’s a whole bunch of room in God’s house.

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” – John 1:12

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” – John 15:15

You’re not a servant to God. You’re His child and His friend. A servant doesn’t know the master’s business, but children and friends do. We’re not servants in God’s house. We’re part of the family. We can ask questions about the family business. We can know what God is doing.

You can have the favor…the advantage…the inside scoop.

John 14:16 tells us that the Holy Spirit will teach us ALL things.

Talk about favor! God Himself is on your side!

You have access to secret, inside information! God will help you live life before the devil even knows you’re there.

You can have wisdom in every situation.

When Polly, our fourth child, was pregnant with her first child, we won a trip to Costa Rica through one of our business vendors.

The trip was scheduled for the same week as Polly’s due date.

We needed to know what to do. There was no way we were going to miss the birth of Polly’s baby.

So we were praying about what to do.

One day, I was out riding my bike, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, The baby will not be born on the due date. The baby will be born two days after you come home from your trip. 

 So I went home and told Drenda to get packed.

And, Ivory, Polly’s daughter was born two days after we returned from that trip.

God can give you the wisdom you need for any situation, too.

In Matthew 13:11, Jesus said the knowledge of the secrets, or mysteries, of the Kingdom of heaven has been given to US, but not to them.

That means you aren’t supposed to just stumble through life hoping things will work out.

God wants to show you the secrets, or mysteries, of the Kingdom, so you can advance and win in life.

One of those secrets—a KEY secret, or mystery—is the POWER OF STRATEGY.

I talk often about the Power of Strategy (like here, here, and here).

It’s critically important information you need to know.

Because making decisions in life can be difficult. But they don’t have to be.

You can have help navigating through life.

In fact, you can have THE BEST help possible.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of God’s help in my life.

If you’re anything like me, and want to know as much as you can about how God works undercover using the Holy Spirit, I’ve got great news for you! I wrote an entire book about it. It’s called, Your Financial Revolution: The Power of STRATEGY.

I’m SO EXCITED to get this book in your hands!

Understanding how God works undercover using THE POWER OF STRATEGY is one of the single greatest keys to your success and victory in life.

It’s critical that you understand this if you want to capture the opportunities God has for you.

No more missing out on the great things God has for you!


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