God Cares About the Little Things in Your Life

God cares, God Cares About the Little Things in Your Life

We were in a really tough spot. We were struggling just to afford groceries. At that time, a commercial kept coming on TV for a local fruit farm, and one of the things they kept advertising was their homemade apple butter. (I love apple butter!) I prayed, “Lord, I  would love to go get some apple butter, but we’re going to need your help getting even the basics this month.”

Two days later, I was shocked when a woman I didn’t know from church showed up on our doorstep with several bags of groceries. God providing for our basic needs was encouraging enough. But then, I unpacked the grocery bags. I couldn’t believe it when I got to the bottom of the second bag and found a jar of apple butter from the very same fruit farm that had been advertising on TV!

I sat in shock at the goodness of God, realizing He truly cares about the little things in our lives. It may sound silly, but that one experience changed my life. —T.B., Ohio

God cares about the little things in YOUR life.

He wants you to experience His Kingdom in your life.

And He will meet you right where you are.

For me, it happened through deer hunting.

Don’t stop reading if you don’t hunt.

Because these principles apply to every area of YOUR LIFE.

It was 27 years ago or so, and I had a young family to feed. Like T.B., we were struggling. I had a job, but we had gotten ourselves in a financial pit. Extra money was nonexistent. We could barely keep our heads above water.

We knew very little about the Kingdom of God back then. Sure, we knew a lot about church and the Bible. We had even gone to a “Bible college,” and we were members in a church. In fact, I was leading worship in my church.

But I didn’t know much about the Kingdom of God.

Now, when I say “Kingdom,” I’m referring to the laws that govern the Kingdom of God; I’m referring to how it functions.

See, every kingdom operates through government and using laws. God’s Kingdom is no different; its spiritual laws can be learned and applied to your life

When I say I didn’t know much about the Kingdom of God, I mean I had never learned those laws or even understood that I could learn them. I still thought, like most Christians do, that God does what He does because He is God, and no one can really be sure exactly what He will do or when He will do it.

I loved God, but I was broke and busted. I couldn’t even afford to buy a postage stamp. To make matters even worse, I was sick physically and emotionally and living totally in survival mode, always looking over my shoulder waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

But God had a plan to get my attention, and it involved a small thing—one of my passions—deer hunting.

See, I used to hunt with no success. In fact, I had hunted for several seasons and came up empty-handed. But one day the Lord spoke to me and said, Why don’t you trust Me for your deer this year?

Of course, I really didn’t know what that meant, but the Lord continued. He said, I want you to sow a financial seed for that deer and, when you sow that money toward the deer, call it done according to Mark 11:24.

Now, I knew Mark 11:24 said, “THEREFORE I TELL YOU, WHATEVER YOU ASK FOR IN PRAYER, BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT, AND IT WILL BE YOURS.” So I wrote out a check and wrote on the bottom of it “for my buck.”

To make a long story short, that year I went out and bagged a six-point buck within just 40 minutes of being in the woods.

Of course, that caught my attention. But our minds always try to tell us that things could’ve happened by chance, like T.B. and the apple butter story.

I had to know for sure that God cares about the little things.

So the next year, I tried it again. I sowed specifically for my deer just as the Lord had instructed, and, again, I had my deer in less than 40 minutes. I did the same thing the next year with the same result. Now, I’ve been doing that—receiving my deer within 40 minutes of going out—for more than 27 years!

When I first saw this law of the Kingdom in action, I was shocked!

I knew that I had discovered something about the Kingdom of God and how it worked.

This law of the Kingdom in action proved that God cares about the little things in our lives.

Know this, friend: This principle of the Kingdom that God showed me for something “SMALL” like deer hunting, works for ANYTHING!

Using the principles that God taught us about His Kingdom, Drenda and I got completely out of debt in just a few short years, and we began to tell everyone we could about the laws of the Kingdom we were discovering.

God cares about YOU.

He wants you to experience His Kingdom in your life.

And He will meet you right where you are.

We see evidence of that throughout the Bible.

Peter is just one example.

You probably know the story. Peter had fished all night and caught nothing. We don’t know how many nights he had fished and come back to shore empty-handed. But Jesus met Peter right where he was that day.

I imagine Peter was feeling pretty tired and defeated when Jesus showed up and told him to let down his nets.

That’s when something shocking happened.

Peter caught SO many fish that his nets began to break and his boat began to sink.

That’s one heck of a catch! I imagine Peter didn’t even have time to think about what was happening because the weight of so many fish was straining the nets and causing his boat to nearly sink!

Frantically, he yelled out to his partners, James and John, who were on the shore, to bring a second boat and help him. And, as they helped Peter, their own boat became so full of fish that it was in danger of sinking too!

After the men made it back to shore with the tremendous catch, they stood in front of Jesus stunned at what had just happened.

They knew what they had just experienced wasn’t normal. God was clearly involved.

God cares about the little things in your life.

That’s the moment Jesus invited them to follow Him. And the Bible says they didn’t hesitate. They left their boats and nets and followed Jesus. On their own, the night before, they had fished and caught nothing. With Jesus on the scene, they saw something incredible happen.

Jesus met them where they were, and that one experience with the Kingdom of God changed the entire direction of their lives.

It just takes one experience with the Kingdom to change your life too!

Just like God used hunting to get my attention and demonstrate the principles of the Kingdom, or a simple jar of apple butter for T.B., or an incredible catch of fish to get Peter, James, and John’s attention and demonstrate the principles of the Kingdom, He will use situations in the natural realm to get YOUR attention and demonstrate the Kingdom of God to you in a real and tangible way too.


There is so much more I want to share with you about this.

I want to help you learn what Drenda and I learned!

That’s why I wrote my first book, Faith Hunt, years ago.

Faith Hunt includes so many remarkable stories about the principles of the Kingdom of God and the impact they had on my life. Like the time the buck I knew was mine was heading in the wrong direction, directly away from me. As I sat there helpless, watching my harvest just walk away, the Lord spoke to me and said, Tell the deer to come to you.

What happened?

You need to read the rest of the story in Faith Hunt!

Faith Hunt is for everyone, not just for hunters! It will teach you how to apply the principles of Kingdom faith to any area of your life.

Just as our lives were completely changed by the Kingdom, yours can be too!

It’s time for you to have an experience with the Kingdom that changes your life!

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