You Don’t Have to Learn Things the Hard Way.

Gary Keesee

Remember that time…

…when you thought the pan had cooled down enough to touch?

…when you thought you had plenty of time to make it to the airport, the train station, that one meeting with management, or that one really important event?

…when you thought you could get by with a little less prep work for that group project, a little less stretching before you jumped into that activity or exercise, or a little less research before that interview?

Now, maybe you don’t have any stories like that—where you learned something the hard way. But most people do.

There’s a reason “learned the hard way” and “school of hard knocks” are even common sayings. I’m probably really dating myself here, but DC Talk even had a song called “The Hard Way” years ago. Google it if you don’t believe me.

That’s because most people have at least one story about something they wish they hadn’t learned the hard way. From something simple, like thinking you can drive your car for miles after the gas light comes on . . . to the ridiculous, like thinking you might actually be able to go up an escalator that is meant for going down; or from the embarrassing, like forgetting to check your pants zipper before you go onstage . . . to the life-threatening, like thinking it’s okay to not buckle your seat belt if you’re riding in a car for just a mile or so.

We could go through example after example of lessons learned the hard way and still not come close to covering them all, let alone get to the really meaty ones—the ones that impact your relationships, your business, your finances, or your faith.

Of course, it’s not necessarily a big deal to learn some things the hard way. After all, things like touching a hot pan or not stretching before you play basketball won’t kill you. You will learn something, and you (hopefully) won’t repeat your mistake when you’ve learned a lesson the hard way.

But why should you learn any lessons in life the hard way if you don’t have to?

There are plenty of ways to learn in life. You don’t have to learn by making mistakes, through trial and error, or from bad, difficult, or downright miserable experiences.

You don’t have to learn things the hard way. There’s a better way.

You probably know some of my story: Years ago, my wife, Drenda, and I were in financial chaos. We were in a good church and knew God loved us, but something was really wrong.

I worked hard, but I just couldn’t seem to make enough money to pay our bills, let alone get ahead. I couldn’t even afford to buy a postage stamp.

Drenda and I can tell you story after story about the things we went through during those nine very long years. We can also tell you story after story of how our lives were completely transformed after we learned about the principles of the Kingdom of God and how to apply them.

Our lives drastically changed.

We’ve been on a mission ever since to mentor others in all the things God taught us, as well as in the things we’ve learned on our own over the years in business, in marriage, in family, and in life—including all of the things we learned the hard way.

Because we believe that the saying “experience is the best teacher” just isn’t true. You don’t have to learn things the hard way if someone else already has.

“The wise learn their lesson not by learning the hard way, but by watching others learn the hard way.”

And you can learn some things the easy way because someone else already has.

That’s exactly why we started the Provision Institute.

What is the Provision Institute?

Provision Institute is a 12-month program unlike any other.

When we began applying the laws and the principles of the Kingdom to our lives, things drastically changed. Over the years, as people have heard our story and seen all God has done in our lives, they always ask, “Where do I start?”

Provision Institute is the answer.

We’ve put together 12 core modules of the foundational things that you need to know about the Kingdom, along with how to apply them. This life-changing curriculum will take you from the very beginning to the very end in detail, month by month.

You’ll follow the track and learn the principles we learned that completely changed our lives, and can help you see the same changes in your life.

Drenda and I care so much about you.

We want you to have amazing stories of freedom and success in your own life.

We want to help you get a jump-start on your God-designed future the easy way.

You don’t have to try to keep doing life on your own.

Make the decision for your future.

Come on board with us at Provision Institute.

We’ll walk out life together, believing God. We’ll share all we’ve learned, pass on the wisdom we’ve learned the hard way and the easy way, and do all we can to help you win in life.

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