No More Dysfunction: Functional Families Don’t Have to Be Rare

“Putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunction.” That’s been a joke for years, but it’s not funny. Family life doesn’t have to be dysfunctional. Years ago, shortly after I became a committed believer in Christ, I heard a message preached that rocked my world. It was the kind of message that catches you completely off guard and […]

Win the Person, Not the Debate

Enjoy this special guest post from my friend, Dave Anderson. Yes, you do want to win the person. In this emotionally charged age of liberal versus conservative; atheist versus believer, or pro-this versus anti-that, it’s easy to get so caught up in rhetoric, invective, and the belief that he who talks the loudest and longest […]

Are You Lonely?

Feeling Lonely? It’s that time of year again—the beautiful decorations are up in homes, stores, and churches; Christmas carols are playing on nearly every radio station; thousands of last-minute gift idea emails and articles are flooding your inbox and newsfeed. It’s a joyous time of social gatherings, shared rituals, and reminiscing for many people. But […]

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